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ITachi Lab

Welcome to my private knowledge base. I decided to change form of my old website to something more appropriate. Let's face the truth - my blog wasn't a blog at all, it was more like a pile of private notes I shared with you. Besides, I have neither time nor will to post content regularly.

What you will find here

Literally everything. I plan to use this wiki as my notebook, and since I have a lot of interests…

What you won't find here

Private thoughts on meaning of life and everything.



I've made a decision to move away from GitHub in favor of self-hosted GitLab environment. The are two main reasons:

  • on GitLab I can configure my own CI for building,
  • GitHub recently being under a heavy Political Correctness influence.

I'll move all my repos as soon as I start hosting GitLab.


I spot that a lot of people come to this site looking for a specific article which was here when the page was still a blog. I couldn't leave poor people with 404, so I added this article to the page. I'm talking about: Ustawienia dla sieci zapisane na tym komputerze nie są zgodne z wymaganiami sieci.




Page resurrects in a new form. First content.

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