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ITachi Lab

Welcome to my private knowledge base. I decided to change form of my old website to something more appropriate. Let's face the truth - my blog wasn't a blog at all, it was more like a pile of private notes I shared with you. Besides, I have neither time nor will to post content regularly.

What you will find here

Literally everything. I plan to use this wiki as my notebook, and since I have a lot of interests…

What you won't find here

Private thoughts on meaning of life and everything.



Logger has been added to the site. It's purpose is to be some sort of a diary in which I can summarise the day (only if it's worth summarising).


I spot that a lot of people come to this site looking for a specific article which was here when the page was still a blog. I couldn't leave poor people with 404, so I added this article to the page. I'm talking about: Ustawienia dla sieci zapisane na tym komputerze nie są zgodne z wymaganiami sieci.




Page resurrects in a new form. First content.

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